International Recognition

Our qualifications can open doors and create exciting opportunities across the globe. 

With world class, internationally recognised qualifications under their belts, our graduates have gone on to secure employment in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US and across Europe.

International recognition of our qualifications

Our qualifications are recognised by international professional education bodies in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We also work closely with organisations such as eficert  on professional standards in Europe.


International Recognition of Qualifications

Education – the Passport to Success

Our series of articles profiles insurance professionals who began their careers in Ireland and have gone on to secure opportunities all over the world. In addition to highlighting the roles insurance qualifications play in career development, these pieces also shine a light on the global network of insurance contacts available for members of the Irish market to plug into. 

Australia: John Harnett

Germany: Sinead Browne

Saudi Arabia: Joe O'Rourke

UK: Frank Kavanagh

USA: John Kearns

Have you travelled with your insurance qualification?

If so we’d love to hear all about your adventures! Drop us an email at detailing how your insurance qualification helped you develop your career while abroad.