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Micro-credentials provide a flexible route to qualifications that will allow you to expand your knowledge and skillset in a shorter timeframe.

Registrations Open

Registrations for the February 2024 semester are now open (June 2024 Exam Sitting). To register:

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  • Click APPLY on the Higher Diploma in Insurance Management (MDI-01 - MDI-09) and select your MDI-04, 05 or 06 module from there.

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Motor Specialist (MDI-04)

This digital badge is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of motor insurance. It covers a variety of topics such as the Road Traffic Act, policy exclusions, public places, unlicensed drivers, contingency covers, motor fleet, and rating criteria. The badge is designed to present a range of realistic scenarios to help learners understand how these concepts apply in real-world situations. By completing this digital badge, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of motor insurance and be better equipped to navigate the complexities of the industry.

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Liability Specialist (MDI-05)

The MDI-05 digital badge is designed to equip learners with the practical knowledge and technical expertise they need to confidently make key decisions in their roles. The badge also provides a broader understanding of the strategic drivers that shape pricing, risk appetite, and policy wordings for liability insurance, which is crucial in the rapidly evolving insurance industry. By completing this digital badge, learners will be equipped to tackle new challenges and provide innovative solutions to the insurance problems faced by the market. This digital badge provides an exciting and diverse career path for learners seeking to build a successful career in insurance.

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Commercial Property and BI Specialist (MDI-06)

The MDI-06 digital badge centres on Commercial Property & Business Interruption insurance, a rapidly evolving part of the insurance industry. With many large business customers needing complex insurance solutions, this digital badge offers learners the opportunity to broaden their insurance knowledge by working on cases across different classes of cover. As business opportunities evolve and access to new markets increases, so do the insurance needs of these businesses, making Commercial Property and Business Interruption insurance an exciting area in which to work. By completing this digital badge, learners will be equipped to handle the challenges of this dynamic industry and develop their roles over time as their knowledge and expertise grows.

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Digital Badges

On successful completion of the content, learners will receive a certified Digital Badge, jointly awarded by ATU and the Institute.

Motor Specialist Badge
Liability Specialist Badge
Commercial Property and BI Specialist Badge

Registrations Open

Registrations for the February 2024 semester are now open. Log in to your Member Area to register today.

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Micro-credentials - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a micro-credential?

    A micro-credential is a short programme that has been designed to provide learners with a specialised piece of knowledge.  Micro-credentials carry formal University accreditation and are a valuable tool in supporting career progression.

    A micro-credential indicates demonstrated successful mastery of a specific competency.

  • What is a digital badge?

    A digital badge is the visual representation of a credential and verification of their learning. Holders can display their badge on social media platforms, in email signatures, on CV’s and websites.

  • What are the benefits for me?

    Micro-credentials can help you stand out from the crowd and identify you as someone who is proactive in training and upskilling and interested in development. The proof of this is your badge. The modules we have chosen provide the right type of specialist training in much sought after areas with up to date content and opportunities to network with like-minded professionals.

    It also allows you to take a step towards the Higher Diploma in Insurance Management qualification, without making the longer-term commitment.

  • What qualification will I get?

    On successful module completion, learners will receive a micro-credential qualification from Atlantic Technological University (ATU). The qualification will be in a digital badge format which is a visual, portable, and verifiable representation of the learner’s credentials that can be shared across a variety of platforms to demonstrate their achievement in a specialist area. As the module is at level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications, 10 ETCTS are also awarded on completion.

  • What is the difference between these micro-credentials and the Higher Diploma product modules?

    There is no difference between the delivery, supports and assessment of the module. Everyone that registers for MDI-04, MDI-05 & MDI-06 will have the same student experience. On successful completion, each student will be offered the opportunity to accept their badge as verification of their learning on that module.

    The same entry criteria for access to the Higher Diploma programme also apply to the micro-credentials.

    If you decide just to complete the badge, your successful completion of this module will sit on your student record and should you wish in the future to continue to the Higher Diploma programme, you will only complete the remaining four modules (two compulsory and two advanced).

    If you are working your way towards the Higher Diploma, you can accept your badge on successful completion of the module which you can share to prove your accomplishment and possibly inspire others in your organisation. You can then register on your next module(s) to continue to work towards completion of the full programme award and designation.

  • Can I complete more than one badge?

    Yes, on completion of each of the product modules, you can receive a badge as recognition of your learning on the micro-credential.

    However, if you are working towards the Higher Diploma in Insurance Management, only one of these modules will count towards your overall award and designation.

    If you already hold the MDI or ACII designations, you can return to complete one of these product elective modules that you haven’t already completed as part of your award, and work towards achieving the badge in this subject as a standalone recognition of learning.  CII credits will not apply to these modules in this instance, however, 8 hours CPD does apply as normal for all modules successfully completed.

  • Do I need to hold membership of The Insurance Institute to complete a micro-credential?

    No, non-members applying for a micro-credential module do not need to hold full membership. The non-member module fee is €635.